Yes, You Can Sell the Free Stuff You Find on Craigslist

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Craigslist is the OG buy-and-sell platform online. Many people also know the website for its “personal ads,” aka finding people that you need (even in the realm of dating, apparently). But did you know that Craigslist is the haven for free stuff?

You read that right: Craigslist has stuff for free. There is a section on the site devoted to things that people are giving away. Many on Craigslist are giving things away for free because it’s easier to sell them or to haul these free things to a thrift store or a donation center.

All of this stuff is being given away for free by people who just want to get rid of their stuff. Most of these people don’t need the extra money; they just want to haul their stuff away. Although it may seem cool, Craigslist’s free section is also a paradise for side-hustlers who want to earn more money on the side.

Even if you’re new to flipping, selling the free stuff from Craigslist is an easy gig.  All you have to do is browse the site’s FREE section, fix the items up and resell them for a profit.

How Can I Get Free Stuff to Sell?

Visit the Craigslist website first ( If you’re not automatically forwarded to a local page, look for your state and click the link for the location near yours. You can also go on Google to search. For example, if you live in San Francisco, just search for “Craigslist SF free.”

Once you’ve landed in your local directory, look for the “For Sale heading” of links that say FREE. Click these links to see ads for FREE items.

Some of the free stuff you can find on Craigslist are:

  • Windows
  • Wooden doors
  • Furniture
  • Countertops
  • Hot tubs
  • Firewood
  • Toys
  • Home décor
  • Luggage
  • Books

If you’re wondering if Craigslist offers free pets, they don’t. You are more likely to find metal TV trays or even an unwanted IKEA refrigerator. Most of the free stuff is unwanted items at home or leftovers from rummage sales.

Once you find an item that piques your interest, click on it to see a description of the product and how you can get it. Some Craigslist buyers will just list the street or address while others would want you to get in touch with them for the address.

It’s important to immediately buy and retrieve your free stuff. Since Craigslist’s FREE section can be viewed by everyone, you have fierce competitors. Free items on Craigslist go quickly, so you have to hurry.

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How do People Make Money on Craigslist for Free Stuff?

Let’s assume you’ve already gone around Craigslist and putting dibs on the free stuff. Now, you want to sell them.

How can you sell these free items?

  1. Sell Them on Craigslist. This first option might seem like an arbitrage since you’re capitalizing on an inefficient market by buying cheap items and immediately selling them on another platform. Free is the best form of “affordable” and “another platform” refers to Craigslist categories where things are up for sale. The website has no rules against re-selling free items so go ahead and make some money out of the free stuff you get off Craigslist.
  2. Hold Rummage or Yard Sales. The best thing about holding a rummage or a garage sale is that you can sell from home, not have people call or chat with you all the time to ask about the product and limit the time you deal with customers. You can hold a yard or rummage sales once a week or even once every quarter. However, if your location doesn’t see many people, this idea won’t work well for you.
  3. Sell to specialty buyers. This option will only work with certain types of products that appeal to a particular group of buyers. For example, sell your electronics or luggage to a pawn shop. On the other hand, construction resale places will buy secondhand countertops, windows and appliances. Keep in mind, however, that selling to companies that are always buying items does not guarantee the best prices.

Is Flipping on Craigslist a Realistic Way to Earn?

It is, but it won’t work the same for everyone.

Some people may make more money than others. In some cases, location can make or break your business of selling Craigslist free items. If your location is full of people who want the products you find, you’ll make sweet cash. The same applies to the type of products you find.

So if you want to make the most out of Craigslist, find the free stuff and re-sell them.

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