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Shop People is an online hub dedicated to educating and equipping readers on all topics about business, services and finance. We guide business owners by providing them with information on the latest techniques and tools — anything that can help them start their business or speed up their success.

Thanks to the existence of the internet, it’s easier to start your business online. With a tap of your fingers, you can market, engage with customers and sell your products and services. However, the convenience of e-commerce has made it easier for your competitors to do the same. What do you do?

Shop People helps you figure out your next step by empowering you with information. 

Who We Are and What We’re About

Our business blog features articles on online retail businesses, management and marketing, business technology and more. Our site focuses on e-commerce, providing readers with tips, guides and insight into marketing and selling online. 

The writers behind our business blog aren’t big-time CEOs or business moguls; they are business people just like you. Most of our writers are familiar with the ins and outs of e-commerce, seeing that they themselves established an online business and experienced both the benefits and disadvantages of online selling.

From starting your business to marketing it online, we’re here to help you with every step by giving you the information you need. 

Author Profiles

Paul West

Paul West – Paul West has been an online retailer of construction materials for eight years. During the day, he equips contractors and construction companies with quality materials. At night, he’s a father of two enjoying wine nights with his wife, Evelyn. 

Francine De Watt

Francine De Watt – Francine is a proud owner of a small clothing store that specializes in handbags and shoes. She makes all of your fashion affairs special by offering custom-made clothing. Francine is also happily married to her high school boyfriend and is a fur-mother to her Maltese, Penelope.

Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen – Greg is a seasoned digital marketing expert who specializes in SEO and social media marketing. He has been in the industry for ten years and has helped many businesses jumpstart their online marketing strategies.

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