For Construction Businesses: Getting More Clients

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If you want to soar past your competition, you have to take extraordinary steps to promote your business and grow your client base. But this is even more challenging when you are promoting something as technical as a construction business. As with real estate, too, you have to be visible in the construction industry. You have to attend industry events, expand your network through open houses, and organize events that showcase what you can do for clients.

That is until the coronavirus and pandemic happened, and everyone was forced to think outside the box. How can you promote a business that relies on in-person meetings through the Internet? Will Zoom meetings be enough to promote a construction business? Can customers rely on photos and videos posted on social media? The surprising answer is yes, it is perfectly okay to promote a construction business over the Internet and through social media posts.

Talk About Yourself

Why be different and not talk about what your business’ accomplishments are? Customers will rely on who you are as a business before signing any agreement with you. It will help if you can talk more about what you do, what you have accomplished, and what they can expect from you.

Take every conceivable examination, license, and permit to show that you are legitimate and reputable. Start looking at how to book and apply for a CSCS blue card so that you can brandish this whenever potential clients ask for your credentials. You should always be ready to sell your business, no matter the circumstances.

Build a Brand and a Blog


Your construction business will gain more credibility and customers if you have a brand to sell. Some business owners don’t think they have to build a brand for their company, but branding is true in all industries. Even huge construction equipment such as a bulldozer and backhoe will recognize the big CAT logo associated with these products. That is what branding is all about—the customers’ ability to recognize your company no matter where they encounter it.

Once you have a brand, it is time to talk about it. Because of algorithms, brands need to be more visible on the Internet and social media. The more you talk about your brand in a blog, the more people recognize it. The more people recognize it, the more they’re going to want to find out more about the brand. That’s when they will start seeking your website, blog, and social media.

Find the Right Keywords

There are a lot of tools on the Internet to help businesses find the right keywords for their products and services. Sure, search engine algorithms are more intelligent than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get into its very exclusive index. The keyword tools will tell you how much traffic each keyword is generating and what local keywords have the most impact on your business.

For example, if you’re building homes in Florida, you don’t want to be appearing on search results in Los Angeles, right? Having the right keywords on your website and blog will lead you to more clients. As they try to search for the exact services and products that you sell, the search engines will prioritize the links to your website or blog.

Use Social Media Extensively

Don’t use social media to post about your deals, promos, and new product lines. Use social media to reach out to customers and build a rapport with them. Make sure that you are answering questions and inquiries as succinctly as possible. Always be on the lookout for any comments you might not have responded to yet. Some customers tend to never patronize a brand again because it didn’t answer an inquiry. Don’t allow any potential customers to get annoyed at you.

But don’t use social media to sell your business. Use it to get to know your client base. Who are they? What do they do? What hobbies and interests do they have? Are they active on social media? Are they professionals? Looking at the profiles of your customers will give you a better understanding of how to sell your business to them.

It is possible to sell a construction business to people on the Internet. You don’t always have to physically do all the complicated tasks of marketing and advertising your business to get the word out. The Internet is here for a reason; it is here to make things a bit easier for everyone, including construction businesses.

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