Global Homestead Garage and Shop People 

This is Portland's Original Community Makers Space

Since 2005, we have been located in the same cavernous basement in the heart of our eastside industrial district.

Although change is all around us, the stories and history of this space remain authentic and true.  Literally an underground scene, our front door is past the gate and down the driveway.  

In May 2016, Shop People was purchased and placed under the umbrella of the Global Homestead Garage.  Re-established as a Benefit Corporation, this 19,000 sq ft facility is rebuilding its community to 40+ members who have unlimited access to large wood and metal shops as well as our jewelry studio.   Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy professional space for you to fulfill your business or personal vision.  Join us, as we expand shop offerings to include a sculpture garden, co-working lounge, meet-up space, industrial design center, event space as well as a community storage facility.

The Global Homestead Garage's mission is to provide Community members a platform to grow big ideas using shared resources. 

The Garage Vision is to integrate natural systems and innovation within design to create more Sustainable lifestyles. 

Please Like our Facebook page for the latest in information and activities with in-house artists and designers as well as classes, speakers, community discussions and music in our sculpture garden stage!

We're in the reboot stage in all aspects of the business, including social media and community outreach.   If you're in the neighborhood, come visit the shop.  If you're looking for a bigger draw, we'll be hosting an open house every First Friday.  In addition, we'll be hosting other events throughout the year.  

Click here to join our Mailing List or come visit us at 416 SE Oak St, Portland, OR 97214    

Shop tours are available day and night.  You could drop by, but please let us know by contacting us at: 

503 477 7353 or

Click this link for an OPB video segment about Shop People that runs about 9m 30s. The cafe is no longer part of the shop.

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                   Global Homestead Garage and Shop People    416 SE Oak St (Basement), Portland, Oregon 97214

503 477 3753

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