Global Homestead Consulting Services

Founded in 2013, Global Homestead Design and Consulting exists to create more value for you, whether a business owner or a consumer.  Our direct website is at

Although we all leave an impact on our environment, a global homestead applies conscientious design and strategic choices to minimize this impact and stress.  Akin to the tiny-home movement, we aspire to live large in small spaces using creative design, new technology and sustainability focused choices.

We enjoy wearing and sharing many hats with concept to completion services for large and small entities.  We have extensive experience, creating and managing spreadsheets for complex financial transactions, business projections and investment return.  When not on the laptop, we enjoy product design and visioning, market strategy, fundraising, branding and go-to-market deployment.  

Regardless of what we are doing, our goal is to meet you where you are at.  This way, you get the partner needed to get it done.  

                   Global Homestead Garage and Shop People    416 SE Oak St (Basement), Portland, Oregon 97214

503 477 3753

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