Shop People Newsletter #1

21 Mar 2011 7:00 PM | Deleted user

Shop People Newsletter #1

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Building Community – March 2011

Welcome to our monthly (or so) newsletter – our intention is to keep everyone informed on a regular basis about what’s going on at Shop People, as well as encourage active communication among the membership and build community together.

Shop Matters

If you break something in the shop, find something broken, empty a gas tank, or find something else empty, please call or email Craig right away so that it can be taken care of as soon as possible. Since we are a community shop, it’s important that communication and group help flows in order to keep things operating well for all members.

What is the Shop’s value to you? Is there anything we can change to make it better? We want to hear from our members about things like safety, cleanliness, consumables, tool maintenance, and how to use the power of the shop for group discounts.

We’ve created a resource for our community within Shop People, as well as for others outside our community to access information about the shop. As a member, you can access your account to pay monthly membership dues and storage fees, as well as contribute to member forum discussions. In addition, we want to post photos of our members work, as well as include bio information and individual member’s websites. If you are interested in showing images of your work, please contact Craig.

Membership Dues

As you may or may not know, Shop People has been here for 5 ½ years, that’s right 5 ½ years, and there has never been an increase in monthly dues or space rental fees, even though the operating costs (e.g. rent, utilities, cost of consumables) have continued to rise over the years.

Currently there are 45 members at Shop People, and at this current level the Shop is barely covering its costs to run the business, which means that monthly membership dues will need to go up.

In looking at the options, we’ve decided the following:

Work space and storage will remain $1.00 per sq ft.

As of April 1st, membership dues for new members will be $175 per month for full shop access, and $90 for the jewelry studio only membership. New members will be required to pay first and last month membership dues at the time of sign-up.

For current members: Dues will be increased to $175 on June 1st, however we can delay this increase until January 1, 2012 if we can sign up 9 new members by June 1st of this year.


How can you help? Let your friends and co-workers know about the Shop. We’ve got brochures you can take with you to your favorite coffee shop or hang out. Mention the Shop to your suppliers when you’re purchasing from them. Our biggest power in advertising and getting new members is word of mouth.

The more members we have, the more we can keep membership costs down – If you refer a friend who signs up for at least one month, you will receive a one-time referral bonus of $25 - for each friend you refer - off your next month’s dues! More friends = more referral bonuses!!


What do you get as a member of Shop People?

Ø       The same great 24/7 access and use of tools in the shop as usual.

Ø       A cleaner shop and stronger shop community.

Ø       Upgrades in shop equipment such as:

  • New lighting (in progress)
  • New Powermatic 66 5hp table saw (saw purchased, installation in progress)

Ø       Increased communication between the members and management for the direction of the shop.

Ø       Stronger web presence.

Ø       Tool budget to add tools where needed.

Ø       Opportunity to showcase your craft in a demonstration session, should you be interested.


New Late Payment Rules

To encourage on-time payment, there will be a late fee of $25 if membership dues (and work/storage space rental fees, if applicable) are not received 10 days past the due date. If dues are late 30 days or more, membership will be cancelled. Any personal items left behind will be disposed of as the Shop sees fit.

Jeff Woodyard

We’ve been exploring running the shop with some extra help, have asked Jeff to take an active role in helping move the shop forward, keeping tools in shape, and getting things organized. Feel free to talk with Jeff about Shop matters – and, of course, you can always contact Craig with your questions or concerns about Shop People.

Monthly Clean-up

Special thanks to Cy Kratzer, Tomasz Misztal, Dan Pence and Jeff Woodyard for helping in the first official monthly clean-up in February. We were able to clean up the ramp landing, which was much needed.

Our goal is to make the Shop a clean and well-maintained workshop, and to build community within the membership. All members are encouraged, but not required to attend – we’ll be working on the first Monday of every month at 1 pm. No need to sign up, just show up.

Home and Garden show, Expo Center. February 23 – 27.

Thanks to Shop members - Jason Brinckman, Kimberli Matin, Cy Kratzer, Tomasz Misztal, Dave Hacker, and Jim Garrick.  They’ve done a fantastic job of demonstrating their craft and representing the Shop. Shop People is invited to participate in the Home & Garden Show in the fall and spring each year, and it’s a great opportunity to show and sell your work. Please contact Craig if you would like to participate in the next show.

Wireless Internet

Thanks to new member David Kane for greatly boosting the wireless internet signal in the main shop/basement. The password is the same as before: shoppeople416


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